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One of the most effective ways to give your business a boost is to build a solid mobile app that would reflect its brand image and make it stand out. This way a successful mobile app goes further than just an implementation of powerful technology, it also involves a thoughtful marketing approach.

But how to hire a well-rounded mobile app developer who could have the two – in-depth knowledge of mobile tech and a broad understanding of marketing strategies? Moreover, which steps could you take to make the best of this cooperation?

In this article, we explain how to hire the right mobile application developers for building the most robust and attractive mobile apps and which rules to follow to make app development even more beneficial.

Have a Solid Understanding of the Type of App You Want to Make

The first and important step for effective mobile app development is to thoroughly examine your business requirements. This will help you to better understand your product and realize what type of mobile app developers you really need.how to hire someone to create an app

Consider the following points:

  • do you need an app to extend your current business or you want to launch a new startup company – a well-developed business has its brand image and your app should reflect it, while a newly established company has to build its brand and app image from scratch;
  • which business goals does your future app have to accomplish and how should it do that – this will help you to focus on the key functionality you need to include in your app;
  • who is your target audience – by defining your target audience you can better understand how to launch your app marketing campaigns and how to develop your product after its release;
  • which essential functionalities and technologies should mobile app developers embedded in your app – this point determines the type of mobile app you need to create and the budget involved in the app development.

Determining The Developer Budget-Fit

Now, as you have a brief description of your project scope, it’s time to explore the market.

The mobile app development market has a diverse range of software development and IT staff augmentation services. Not to get confused in them and find the best value for money, you should determine the size of your future development team and the engagement model for your project.

For this, you can choose between hiring a dedicated team of mobile app developers working for an IT company or search for freelancers on specialized sites.

When you hire mobile app developers from an IT company you get a team of professionals ready to offer full-cycle development service. It means that the team will undertake the app development project from its initiation to its release. Although, if you decide to improve the existing mobile app or enhance your team by outstaffing some experts, IT companies also provide these services at affordable prices.

Opting for freelancers is a cheaper solution that works great for small and short-term projects. There are many highly specialized experts with experience in mobile app development in freelance. Though hiring freelancers for long-term projects or building complex products may increase the risks of a mobile app failure. These projects often involve a high degree of organization which can be a problem for freelancers, especially if you want to gather a team of experts who have never worked with each other before.

Check out the Portfolio

As you’ve determined the team size and the engagement model, the next step is to make a list of potential candidates. Check the mobile developers’ sites and profiles and examine their portfolios.hire programmer to make an app

The portfolio of work should include similar products to the one you want to build. Once you find the matching apps to your solution, you need to:

  • look at the specifics of the developed app;
  • download the apps on your gadget and check if they run smoothly and are popular among their users.

Besides that, check the chosen companies’ Tech stack, which services they provide, and what features they can include in your product. For example, if you need to develop a mobile app for digital banking, the candidate company should have extensive experience in working with FinTech and Banking-as-a-Platform services.

Also, check the candidates’ case studies, even if they aren’t related to your project and years of experience. This will help you to understand how long the company has been offering its services and if it’s successful in the market.

Ask for References

The next step is to make a shortlist of the chosen companies. Look through all the candidates you’ve chosen and make a top 5 list of the best ones. Now, it’s time to get in contact with them.

Before the first call, make a list of questions you would like to clarify. These can be the questions on Tech-stack IT companies can offer to build your app, a team of specialists with resumes and portfolios, communication tools, and references.

References and testimonials from previous customers can provide you with valuable insights on the working style and team qualifications in the chosen IT companies. You can call the former clients and ask them for feedback or find the testimonials on specialized IT sites such as UpWork, Clutch, Github, LinkedIn.

Choose Someone You Can Build a Relationship With

Mobile app development is usually a lengthy process. It can take up from several months to a year, depending on the project complexity, the number of developers in your team, features you want to include, and other factors. This way, communication is one of the key elements that determine successful mobile app development and favorable working conditions.hire mobile application developers

For having strong professional relationships in your future mobile app development team, you need to choose the company you feel comfortable working with. For this you can:

  • have face to face interviews with each team member you hire in your team;
  • if you have a remote mobile app development company, then visit them for real-time offline communication;
  • get engaged in the development process and ask questions to the project managers and team members.

Company managers should be ready to explain in simple terms how the app development process is going and solve the working issues politely and in a friendly manner.


Hiring the right mobile app developers is an essential component of successful app creation. A wrongly chosen person or a company can cost you much time and money. Therefore, you need to get well-prepared before the first contact with your potential app developers.

For this, you can review your future project, find the mobile developers with suitable Tech-stack, examine the developers and IT companies’ experience and services they provide.

This thorough preparation will save you from potential risks and unexpected expenses after you launch your mobile app development project.

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