Did you know that an IT-related outage can cost your organization thousands of dollars per minute?

So what’s one action you can take to avoid loss of revenue (and the wrath of your CEO)? Purchase an ITSM (IT service management) solution.  

ITSM software will help you plan changes, assign tickets and problems to a team member who knows how to get things done, and supply a knowledge base for your organization so that your team can stop answering (very) frequently asked questions when they’re in the middle of important projects.

But if your case for purchasing an IT service management solution rests on saving money, you need to know which systems are budget-friendly enough to get the support of your CEO.

Capterra’s new Top 20 Most Affordable ITSM Software Report can help you find ITSM solutions that fit your needs and your budget. If you start your search here, you’ll have employees admiring your tech savvy in the breakroom and your budgeting know-how in the boardroom.


To create this report, we looked at the available features of a system, the cost of those features, and what actual users said about those systems in customer reviews. The reviews data was collected from our website and our sister companies, Software Advice’s and GetApp’s, sites.

For our analysis, we compiled a pricing scenario based on a “typical ITSM software buyer,” included below:

ABC organization has 3 admin users and 2 additional full access users (5 total users). They are looking for an ITSM system to replace their current outdated solution. They would like to use the system for at least two years and need the features listed below, as well as several customer service resources (API access, customizable workflows, training articles and videos, a free demo, email/help desk assistance, and access to an FAQ page or knowledge base).

The standard, expected features considered in this pricing scenario are included below.

  1. Incident/ticket management
  2. Change management
  3. Problem management
  4. Configuration management
  5. Contract/license management
  6. Self-service portal
  7. Knowledge base management

Most of the solutions (85 percent) in our Top 20 Most Affordable report offered all of the above features.

Below is a breakdown of the monthly cost of the Top 20 Most Affordable IT Service Management solutions, based on our pricing scenario:

Most ITSM solutions charge based on the number of users with login credentials to the system. However, if you’re using an ITSM in tandem with IT asset management software, some systems charge an additional fee dependent on how many assets you need to keep track of. Fifteen of our top 20 solutions offered built-in IT asset management features, and 12 integrated with a third party ITAM solution, which is important to keep in mind when shopping for systems.

Based on our pricing scenario of a team with five users and our request for as many of the above features as possible, we found that most ITSM’s charge about $70 per user per month. Most solutions in our Top 20 Most Affordable report, however, charge only $55 per user per month, on average. Choosing a solution from this report could save you, on average, almost $200 per year.


While functionality and price are important factors to consider when deciding on an IT service management solution that’s right for your organization, ease of use is a major consideration, as well. For more information on system usability, you can find our research in our other new report, the Top 20 Most User-Friendly ITSM Software.

Using these reports together, along with our Top 20 Most Popular ITSM Software, can help you make an informed decision about which solution is best for your company. Once you’ve narrowed your choices down, we recommend demoing three to five different systems. Finally, since your tech team might be particular about the systems they use, you should let them test drive any solution you’re thinking of purchasing. Luckily, 18 of our top 20 solutions offer free trials, so they can test them to their hearts’ content.

But what do you think? Did we miss any of the most affordable ITSM software vendors?  Let us know! We update this research a few times a year.

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